Income Protection

Income Protection

Income protection is widely recognised as the most comprehensive income cover available. It is designed to provide an income if you are unable to work due to accident, sickness or injury for a specified term or even up until your retirement.

Family Income benefit

Family Income benefit pays out a tax free monthly or yearly income should the insured die during the term of the policy. This is the lowest cost way to buy life insurance as the insurers payout decreases the further into the policy the individual gets. For example. If the individual takes out a policy over 30 years and dies after 20 years the policy will only pay out for the remaining 10 years.

Mortgage payment protection Insurance (MPPI)

For many homeowners not being able to meet their monthly mortgage repayments is their biggest fear. Mortgage payment protection Insurance (MPPI) is designed to cover these repayments and any mortgage related costs in the event of an accident, a sickness, or redundancy. Most policies will pay a benefit for a maximum 12 month period but there are exceptions.

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Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

Often sold by banks and financial institutions. PPI is designed to cover an individuals credit facility repayments in the event of an accident, a sickness, or redundancy. The maximum payment term per claim tends to be 12 months.

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU)

Accident, sickness and unemployment cover is a general insurance providing a monthly income in the event of as the name suggests, an accident, sickness or redundancy. It is also offered by institutions in various different guises such as Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) and Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

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